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Titus Sardine (125 g)

Titus Sardine (125 g)

  • Brand:  Titus
  • Product Code:  Titus Sardine (125 g)
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Ex Tax: ₦750.00

Titus Sardine (125g) is the most popular canned fish product in the market, both in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. For over half a century, Titus sardines has established its position as number one. This sardine has been trusted for years and still is. It is superior in quality, taste and even nutritional value. The aroma alone is enough to make you crave for more and more. Titus fish has remained the major source of protein and this canned fish is no difference. Titus Sardine is rich in other minerals and vitamins, not just protein. You would discover that this sardine is enriched with Vitamins D, Vitamin B12 and other healthy oils the body needs to function properly. Another major advantage of Titus sardines is that it can be used to prepare tons of meals, especially quick meals. It can also be eaten directly off the can. A few trademark meals involving Titus sardines include: - sandwiches, rice, spaghetti and yam. Sardine is also great for making spring rolls and other small chops.

Titus Sardine (125g) has a huge brand integrity backing it and is now a household name in every home all over the world. It has played an essential role in ensuring Nigerians have a balance diet. Another great advantage of this sardines is that it is very affordable, easy to digest and easily available. Sardines are rich in lysine and other essential amino acids; these a major players that help prevent high cholesterol levels. Feeding on Titus sardines regularly will drastically reduce the risk of cancers, asthma, heart diseases, inflammation and lots more. Titus sardines helps to expecting mothers deliver healthy looking babies. The babies would be born with amazing eyesight and also stops premature birth.

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